Cleaner Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo with Real-Time Cleaning Crawler Mop, Self Cleaning Station Self Filling Washing and Drying, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Lidar Navigation, Laser Obstacle Avoidance

*Intelligent sweep &Mop integrated robot

*Automatically return to charge when the battery power is lower than 10%

*Overall Planning Of Arched Path

*LDS ALL-Round Obstacle Crossing

*Sweep At The Breakpoint Without Getting Lost

*GREAT CLEANLINESS.To make the floor and carpet as clean as the new

*Witness The Cleaning Storm,3500Pa Surging Suction

*250ml Electric Control Water Tank

*Automatically identify carpet and turn up suction power

*No Disturbance With Low-Noise Operation

*Customized Cleaning In The Area,Freedom From Worry

*Intelligent Multi-Map Memory

*On-Demand Charging, Improve Cleaning Efficiency

*20mm-height obstacle crossing,Easy to cross obstacles

*Intelligent anti-falling.8cm-length anti-falling retreat

*НEPA H11 Filter.Filter 99.99% of dust particles

Products Details

Features: 1.In the era of home intelligence, the change starts with a high-end smart sweeper, a three-in-one sweeping robot Pragmatism, simplicity is not simple, and the complex becomes simple, leaving practical functions for you who are pragmatic! 2.Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, three cleaning functions in one 3.Start a smart and clean life 4.Clean up dust and hair, lengthen the side brush, surging suction, prevent falling, long-lasting battery life, collision and U-turn, quiet and low noise 5.Smaller body, sleek body
model number robot vacuum and mop cleaner with cleaning base
cleaning mode Vacuum,Vauum and Mop Mop only
navingation mode laser navigation
area cleaning
automatic area segmentation
clean as directed
virtual no-go zone APP virtual no-go zone
suction power max 3500pa
recommended area ≤250m²
climbing incline ≤20mm
battery 5200mAh
dust Charging Dock 30w
robot vacuum cleaner power 50w
product weight 5.3kg
2-in-1 Water tank Capacity 300ml+ 250ml
app control

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